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Korea’s Idol Groups Being Withdraw From Being School Uniform Presenter!

Korea’s Idol Groups are preparing to withdraw from being presentors of Korea’s school uniform.

In the morning of 23rd Jan. 09 , South Korea School Uniform Confederation and School Uniform Business Trader had met at Saejong Building , Kwanghwamun , Seoul. To attend the announcement from Ministry Of Education And Science which been revealed that ” Every famous artists will have to stop being presentors for school uniform. And the command will become effective since this February 09”

On passed 23rd , The Business Trader to attend the meeting are as followed :

– Schoolooks
– Ivy Club
– Elite
– SK Network

Regarding the command above , every artists’ fansign event plans , activities to promote selling circulation and every presenters ; which are , BIGBANG , Wonder Girls , So Nyeo Shi Dae and SHINee will have to be withdraw immediately. Moreover , there will be resolution to control school uniforms’ prices later on too.

Credit : pingbook + shineeTH+shineeeforums
Translator : kika

Funny video by simon and martina – dance kpop style

LoL at this video.. i give it 10 out of 10..

10 jeom man jeom ui 10 jeom!!!

LOL! here’s the video.. go simon and martina~

Wars between Cassiopeias, VIPs, Wonderfuls


WOW! We knew they were crazy but not this crazy!


For the upcoming Dong-bang-shin-ki concert, crazy fans of both Big Bang and Wondergirls rallied together to reserve 1700 tickets online, but at the last minute they canceled. This deliberate act resulted in an estimated a loss of about 10 million won (7,225 USD).

Needless to say the Cassiopeias were pissed off and issued a statement regarding such blatant unfair tactics. In response, the VIPs and Wonderfuls stated that they had the right to do whatever they wanted with the tickets, thus infuriating the Cassiopeias even further.

However, guilt must have gotten to the VIPs because they issued an apology.

Despite the apology, we think that this little incident signals the beginning of a fan war!

Let the games begin!!

cassi statement

vip apology

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2008

SBS Gayo Daejeon 2008 was held on 29th of December 008.. there are tonnes of artists performing special stages in the show..

I love dbsk.. adn SM Town.. thats why im so stalking their videos..

here are some i really like.. i hope the downloads will be up soon.. i’ll try my best..

DBSK Secret Stage

(you will not expect what will happen at the end… watch and get shocked!! Sori Jilo!!)

BoA [Eat You Up+ Look Whos Talking]

Wonder Boys [Kissing You+Nobody] (omg. their perf is superb!! xD)

BigBang SNSD mini drama [Hit Songs of the year] (this is super funny too! killing me!!)

Star Wars [JunSu & TaeYang Piano Battle] (You’re my everything to me~~~ xD)

Wonder Girls [Futuristic Nobody]


Best Gayo Daejeon ever!

that ending of dbsk’s is still killing me.. ><

– JiN

TaeYeon, ‘Group Member most likely to suceed solo’

Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon was selected as ‘The Most likely Female Artist In A Group To Succeed If Went Solo.”

According to 12 day community portal site, DC Inside posted a poll that lasted from the 4th to the 11th. The poll asked ‘Who Is the Mostly Likely Femal Artist IN a Group To Succeed If Went Solo.” Out of the total possible votes of 4737, Tae Yeon received 1680 votes (35.5%) putting her in 1st place.

Earlier this year, Tae Yeon provided the vocals for KBS2 drama OST for ‘Hong Gil Dong’ starring Sung Yuri as Huh Enoc. The song was titled ‘If’ and grabbed many people’s attention. With Tae Yeon’s exeptional voice and sad tone, she was able to lead the OST to the top of the charts.

And again, Tae Yeon was chosen to provide vocals for the OST for MBC’s hit drama ‘Beethoven Virus’ starring Lee Jiah as Durumi. The song is titled ‘Can You Hear Me’ and as you can see, she is emerging as the OST Queen.

2nd place with 1383 votes (29.2%) was Kara’s Han Seung Yeon. With Kara’s mini album Rock You, she has gained a lot of popularity. And she also chosen to MC on music channel KMTV’s tv show called ‘So-Nyun So-Nyuh Gayo Baekseo.” She continues to be a lively host on that show.

Wonder Girl’s Sunye recieved 189 votes (4%) and came in 3rd place. Sunye was featured on Mighty Mouth’s track ‘Energy’ and has gained a lot of popularity.

Also Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Hyoyeon, Wonder Girl’s Sohee, and, Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga-In made this list as well.

credit: skim @

DBSK Won Wonder Girls!!!


Nobody (Wonder Girl)
Record 1775 points
3460 points, the audience rating
6355 points digital music
= 11590 points total

Order-MIROTIC (Dong Bang Shin Ki)
10648 points record
Audience rating points, 3287
2468 points digital music
= 16403 points total

Love in the Ice (Dong Bang Shin Ki)
10648 points record
2273 points, the audience rating
Digital music 284 points
= 13205 points total

NEWS is OUT!~ DBSK wins the integrated October month charts as NUMBER 1!!!~

WhOo~ they won!! they got no. 1!!! dbsk Jjang!! they got both no. 1 and 2.. so happy. im flying now~ i wonder if you all already see this or not?

– JiN

Wonder Girls to appear on new reality show

The Wonder Girls will be participating in a patissier (pastry cook) survival program called Wonder Bakery where each member (Wonder Girls) will be paired up with those who dreams of becoming a patissier.


Each week, one member will be paired with one pastry cook to make a cake that matches the mission given. During the judgement period, one cook will be eliminated and a new challenger will enter the program in his/her place. They will keep competing in teams of five until the final mission. There will be a total of eight missions with the best patissier receiving a prize of 10,000,000 won.

“The Wonder Girls came into this expressing that they wanted to give something back for all the love they received till now,” shared PD Kwon.

The program is about helping these aspiring patissiers to reach their dream. First broadcast will be aired 5th November through Mnet at 6:30pm (KST).

Credits: sookeyong


Sounds interesting…

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Sunye, Yuna and JOO to attend university

WonderGirls SunYe, So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonAh and Joo has all passed the test to enter for DongKook University.

It was revealed on 4th November that SunYe, YoonAh and Joo has successfully been selected for the year 2009. They were selected for the arts (scting) faculty.

SunYe has graduated from Korea Arts High School in February , while Joo and YooAh will be graduating from Korea Arts High School and DaeYoung High respectively next February.

Credits: sookyeong


Wahh~~ At least they care about their education! ^^

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Wonder Girls for Peripera

Marketing photos for Peripera Wonder Line makeup line were released online today. It showcased the individual WonderGirls members applying the makeup products personally.

Credits: sookyeong


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DBSK as the Anti-smoking spokesman!!!

서울신문 나우뉴스]

그룹 동방신기가 금연 캠페인의 주제곡인 금연송 뮤직 비디오의 주인공으로 낙점됐다.

동방신기는 보건복지가족부가 진행하고 있는 2008 금연 공익캠페인 ‘세이 노, 세이브 라이프’(Say No, Save Life) 뮤직비디오의 마지막 주자로 나서게 됐다.

보건복지가족부는 지금까지 ‘세이노(Say-No) 금연송’ 뮤직비디오 시리즈에 국내 신세대 가수의 참여를 이끌어내며 금연에 대한 젊은 층의 자각을 일깨우는데 주력해 왔다.

금연송 뮤직비디오에는 그룹 슈퍼주니어를 첫 주자로 원더걸스, V.O.S, 에픽하이, 다비치, 서인영, 샤이니, 남규리, 빅뱅, 쿨, 신혜성, F.T 아일랜드, 카라, 2PM, 브라운아이드걸스 등이 출연해 왔으며 실제로 금연에 대한 관심도를 높이는데 성공을 거뒀다.

보건복지가족부는 “연예인을 통한 금연 캠페인은 청소년에게 간접흡연의 위험성을 알리고 메시지를 효과적으로 전달할 수 있다.”며 “이들은 청소년 층의 큰 공감대를 형성하는 데 기여한 바가 크다.”고 설명했다.

동방신기의 금연 뮤직비디오는 오는 26일 공중파TV 가요프로그램에서 방영될 예정이며 보건복지가족부가 운영하는 온라인 사이트인 ‘세이노(Say No)’ 금연캠페인 홈페이지(에서도 감상할 수 있다.

사진 제공 = 보건복지가족부

서울신문NTN 최정주 기자

재미있는 ‘물 건너 온 뉴스’ 나우뉴스(



 Idol Group Dong Bang Shin Ki is chosen to sing and be in the MV of the title song for “Anti-smoking campaign”. Korea family health society is now organising the 2008 Anti-Smoking campaign, “Say No, Safe Life”, and Dong Bang Shin Ki are chosen to be the ones who star in the title song MV. The Korea Family Health Society hope that the teenagers nowadays can notice the danger of smoking and anti-smoking. The title song “Say No” anti-smoking MV series too ask the young stars to join, artist like Super Junior, Wonder Girls, VOS, Epic High, Davichi, Seo In Young, Shinee, Nam Gyu Ri, BigBang, Cool, Shin Hye Sung, FT Island, Kara, 2pm and Brown Eyed Girls too make an appear in the MV. With the big casting, they hope to make attention in teenagers to stop smoking/ anti-smoking.The Korea Family Health Society said that the appearance of teenage idols can let the teenagers to notice the danger of smoking and make teenagers unite to anti-smoking.Dong Bang Shin Ki’s anti-smoking MV will be release on the 26th of this month. You can also hear it from the Korea Family Health Society ‘Say No’ anti-smoking homepage ( ).

credits to: Park Ki Hwan, My SaBu.. and JiN@Any2person

its kinda hard to translate this News, but i got help from my SaBU.. and maybe i will have some grammar mistakes,so please forgive me.. Thank You..

– JiN

Peripera WonderLine

WonderGirls will be the new faces for their own cosmetic line.

JYP Entertainment said on the 26th, “WonderGirls will model for cosmetic makeup brand Clio ‘Peripera WonderLine’ in November. They will appear for the advertisements for the product endorsements and also participate with their daring ideas for the products.”

‘Peripera WonderLine’ will be revealed at the beginning of next month on Peripera site ( The related products will be sold on online malls selling the specific cosmetic brands like DShop and GMarket.

Credits : Sookyeong


Cool~ 😀

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Wonder Girls advance to US as actresses

WonderGirls will be advancing into American in 2009 as actresses and not just as singers.

WonderGirls were at PIFF on 4th October in Busan. They said, “Even though Wondergirls are participating as singers today, next year we will be involved in a big project in America possibly as actresses .”

And leader SunYe said, “We are currently preparing for a big project in America right now. With so much interest and concern for SoHee’s appearance in movie ‘I Like It Hot’, there are also plans for us in America next year.”

After that, a JYP representative said, “We are preparing for WonderGirls to advance into America not only as singers but also possibly as actresses next year. And Park Jin Young will be leading the girls, though much more cannot be revealed until we have finalised with the plan at a later stage.”

So Hee does it again!

Wonder Girls SoHee KPOP Korean Music

On September 30, So Hee filmed a cameo for episode 8 of MBC’s newest sitcom, “That Person is Coming” at the Ilsan MBC Dream Center. There was reportedly a mob of fans gathered on location just to see the Wonder Girls maknae.

Our cute dumpling appears opposite the main character Lee Jae Young (Jung Jae Yong) as his first love: “Mal Hee”. The actor is probably extremely happy about having So Hee play his love interest. Evidently, Jung Jae Young has expressed his affection for the Wonder Girls, especially So Hee through his show, Jae Yong’s Pure 19.

So Hee made her debut as an actress in last year’s “I Like it Hot” movie. She could be a triple threat, but her talents in acting and dancing far exceed her skills in singing.

Anyway, in the sitcom, Jae Young asks his twin sister, Jae Suk, to set him up with his ideal girl: Wonder Girls’ So Hee. However, Jae Suk instead sets up a date between Jae Young and Mal Hee who looks exactly like So Hee. (O goodness~) Mal Hee agrees to the date because she wanted a little amusement and money (500 won (about 40 cents) – she’s easy and cheap, just how Johnny likes ’em). Producer Kwon Seok explains:

“[So Hee] falls for Jae Young’s appearance in one look, and though the two feel all this love, it becomes a love that they can’t keep.”

See why when the episode airs on October 15 at 7:45 pm (KST)

Credits : allkpop


Waa~ ^^

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