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YG Family Collaboration

YG Family will come together for a new collaboration after 6 years.

Hip hop duo YMGA(Masta Wu, Digital Master) debut album ”Made in R.O.K” will be revealed on 10th October, in which the song ‘What’ that features YG Family rappers will also be included in the album.

The last time that YG Family have a collaboration song was in 2002 when they produced the song ‘멋쟁이 신사’.

Big Bang member GDragon who participated 6 years ago as a trainee will participate in the song ‘What’ as YG artiste for the first time. Teddy and Kush will also be featured in the song as rapper and singer.

Also new singer CL will be featured for a rap for the song ‘DJ’ by Perry and Um Jung Hwa in the album.


YG Entertainment announced the news of the YG Family collaboration on 7th October, promising that the song ‘What’ will not only be something for YG Family fans to look forward to but also for hip hop manias to look forward to.

The song ‘What’ by YG Family, which will be included in YGMA’s “”Made in R.O.K” will be released on 10th October.